About Haidar Barbouti

With a special place in his heart for the smallest and most defenseless of those among us, children and animals, Haidar Barbouti has helped many of these innocents over the years. He has done this through his generous donations of time and resources. Known throughout the Houston community for many charitable acts, Haidar has helped by donating retail space he owns to help create the Highland Village Adoption center for animals. He provided the place for them to carry out the work of finding loving forever homes for countless numbers of homeless animals.

Every Animal Needs a Home

In 2006, over the holidays, a group wishing to help homeless animals sought help from Haidar by requesting a place to hold animal adoptions. Haidar generously supplied the retail space that was not being used at the time. The wonderful result was the adoptions of hundreds of animals in the first year alone. These animals also receive free medical care through spay and neuter services and vaccinations, along with medical tests.

Eventually, the group was given free access to use the facility on a more permanent basis. Since then, they have been able to help hundreds more innocent and defenseless animals to find loving homes. Not only is this caring group helped by a place to keep the animals, Haidar also generously pays for the building’s utilities and fixes anything that needs to be fixed to keep the shelter operating and to help the homeless animals of Houston. With a retail space value of $40,000 per month, the volunteers who staff the Highland Village Adoption facility know they are the recipients of an incredibly generous gift and they do not take it lightly. They are grateful to the generous and philanthropic spirit of Haidar Barbouti. They are also thankful that they do not need any public funding for this outstanding project.

All animals adopted are spayed or neutered and micro-chipped before adoption. They have a volunteer staff to take applications for adoption and to help potential pet owners find the perfect pet to add to their family. The Highland Village Adoption Center might not have ever existed, if not for the generosity of people like Haidar.

Stepping up in the face of tragedy

In July of 2011, Haidar Barbouti helped a local Tasti D-lite franchise raise over $35,000 to help three children who were left behind in a tragic automobile accident in which their parents were killedhaidarbarbouti.orge locations is in a commercial property owned by Haidar. As the landlord he generously helped by matching donations made by Tasti D-lite patrons.

Of the three surviving children, two were using wheelchairs when the fundraiser was held. They were receiving treatment for their spinal cord injuries. The softhearted and gracious caring of generous people like Haidar is instrumental in helping these children to recover and to hopefully have a better future. He proves every day that philanthropy and generosity are not lost.

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