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Adoption Records Broken by Highland Village Pet Adoption

About six years ago, a spark of good intent developed into the largest recorded endeavor of its kind in Houston, Texas. What started as only a four-week long effort to reduce the number of euthanized canines and felines turned into a year-round determination to make a real change. Highland Village owner, Haidar Barbouti, was eager to lend her facilities for a “Home for the Holidays” program developed by a small team of animal lovers. To their surprise, the number of volunteers reached the hundreds, and over a dozen local agencies came together for this common cause. This resulted in several hundred animals having their lives saved, thanks to adoption.

After being approached for the initial space needed for the project, Haidar decided to provide a permanent space for this endeavor. A rescue group by the name of Buster’s Friends’ formed and established the Highland Village Adoption Center non-profit organization about three years later, which is run by Deb Gerhardt. Her responsibilities include managing all employees, which happen to all be volunteers, devoted to the cause of saving animals’ lives. A considerable amount of financial support and backing has been directed towards the endeavor, which has been attributed to the continual success for the past years.

One of the mission’s goals is to rescue animals that have been abandoned by their previous owners. Other animals that have been adopted by Highland Village have been determined homeless for whatever reason. Many times, the line between these two situation is quite blurred. No matter what the story that may be told by the owners, unless the animal has been lost, there are no excuses. If an animal is lost, there should be routine checks with local agencies responsible for picking up animals on the streets. These pets should be considered as family members when they go missing, instead of replaceable. Many pet owners give up their efforts as well when they lose hope in finding the animals again.

These efforts by the good folks at Highland Village Pet Adoption should set an example and inspire hope in the hearts and minds of all animal lovers in other parts of the country. Adoptions like the ones they are responsible add another chapter to the lives of these precious animals that would not have existed haidarbarbouti.organ not, the animals in these conditions will not get a second chance, and this is truly heartbreaking. Social awareness on the success of such projects as this should be heightened in order to keep the number of euthanized animals at a minimum. Many of these pets never get a true chance to live a fulfilled life before becoming dislocated without the efforts of people like the rescue centers in Houston.

Consider donating your time or money to Highland Village Pet Adoption or better yet, drop by to see our precious cargo.

Local Tragedy Spurs Community Outreach

It was an excellent turn out in Houston for the Berry Kids through Tasti D -Lite in Houston. The fundraiser that occurred on July 22, was implemented to help the Berry Kids through a very turbulent time in their lives and the monies that were raised were highly appreciated. The Berry children lost both of their parents in a car accident on July 2. They have gone through a very difficult time, and the help of the community assists them in getting through the days just a little bit better.

Aaron Webster is the Houston franchise owner of the Tasti D – Lite dessert shop. He was very pleased with the turn out and the generosity of the customers. The fundraiser was held at three different locations in the Houston area. They were the The Galleria, 1707 Post Oak Blvd Highland Village,.919 Milam St. and 3974 Westheimer Rd; Downtown.

The donations were matched $3 for every $1 that was donated. People could donate at the stores and they did so in an amazing fashion and their efforts generated a grand total of $35,000 that was raised to be donated to the Joshua and Robin Berry Children’s Trust. When they came in to get their desserts for the night and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the dessert shop, they could contribute as they wished. Some people would put in $1 and others would put in more. Haidar Barbouti was one of the matching donors for the event. Since each dollar was matched with $3 it raised the Berry children $35,000. It was an amazing fundraising event for the children, and they appreciate all the generosity that people showed to them.

The Joshua and Robin Berry Children’s Trust was set up to help with the expenses for the Berry children that are currently using wheel chairs. They were injured in a car accident that occurred on July 2. When the parents, Robin Perlo Berry and Joshua Berry were traveling home from a vacation in Colorado, there was a terrible accident in which they were both killed. This occurred in Fort Stockton, TX. All three of the children, Peter, 9, Aaron, 8 and Willa, 6 were all injured in the car accident and both of the boys have spinal injuries. They both need to use wheel chairs to get around in, so the donations are so important for them.

The people in Houston showed a lot of community essence when they contributed to the fund. Collecting the monies surpassed what was expected and all that were involved are deeply grateful to the generosity haidarbarbouti.orgmunity and the matching donors.

If you’d like to make a donation to the Joshua and Robin Berry’s Children Trust you may start at their Facebook page

Houston Ballet Served Up

When the Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker Market was a little more than nine weeks from opening night, the Ballet Guild (which had been working all year on the mega-fundraiser) savored a little pre-Market socializing at Up in Highland Village. Restaurant owner Haidar Barbouti hosted the gathering that welcomed new guild members to the fashionable fold.

Barbouti provided the vino and the taste treats — spicy tuna crispy rice, short rib pizza, duck lettuce wraps and Up’s special macaroon sampler.Houston_Ballet_Guild_party_Haidar_Barbouti

Market chair Patti Murphy, guild president Jian Short and Houston Ballet executive director Jim Nelson were among those welcoming new guild members including Krissy Richmond and Amira Naser. In the mix were Houston Ballet director of individual giving and special events Patsy Chapman, Tua Burke, Gaylon Gullquist, Denise Malone, Sharon Erskin, Phyllis Ullman and Pamela Staples.